The most
important thing
you’ll learn
at the OU

Is what you’re
capable of

The most
important thing
you’ll learn
at the OU

Is what you’re
capable of


With The Open University, you can study at home or at work, on the move or on the beach - reading, watching and listening, doing activities and assignments, taking part in debates and discussions.

You get regular support from your tutor and Student Support Team, and you’ll be able to get together with other students online, at group tutorials and through informal study groups.

to help you

Why Open University

Improve your career prospects

Today’s job market is tougher than it has been for a long time, the OU can help you get into it, with a respected qualification that employers really value.

The qualities it takes to get an OU qualification are exactly what employers are looking for and a degree is always valuable, no matter what you study with around 70% of graduate jobs open to graduates of any discipline.

OU qualifications help people get into a wide range of sectors, including IT, social care, finance, nursing, law, engineering, teaching and lots more.

Support every
step of
the way


Around 175,000 students are studying OU courses right now.

There are no entry requirements with the OU - the only qualifications that matter are the ones you leave with. So if you have the commitment it takes to study, the OU does everything it can to help you succeed.

Here is a selection of video testimonials and interviews with past students describing their experience of The OU and how it has changed their lives.

Investing in
your future is
more affordable
than you think


Funding to suit your circumstances

There’s a lot to think about when choosing to study, not least how much it’s going to cost and how you can pay. That’s why the OU keeps fees as low as possible and offers a wide range of flexible payment and funding options to make study even more affordable than you might think.

Fees and funding options available vary according to your personal circumstances and where you live. For many people a part-time tuition fee Loan ( student loan) is the best way to fund study, regardless of age or income. Not only can many OU students qualify for financial assistance from different schemes, but they also offer an OU student budget account which lets you spread the cost of study across monthly instalments. And you could ask your employer to sponsor you



Can I do It?

See what it’s like to study at the OU and the impact it has had on some of its students

Videos & Testimonials
Fiona Pearce

OU MBA student

Fiona Pearce

"The OU offered me the flexibility to work at my own pace from wherever I was in the world."

Darren Gary

OU Student

Darren Gray

"Studying for a degree at the OU allowed me to progress in my career immediately. It's given me the edge I need to succeed."

Why study at the Open University?

Why the OU?

We offer one of the widest choices of qualifications in a broad range of subjects. And our flexible study methods mean you can balance family and work commitments.

Benefits of OU Study
Supporting yu every step of the way

Helping you find the right funding options for you

There are plenty of options available, check out the video.

Fees & Funding

We Have A Course For You

Arts & Humanities
Business & Management
Computing & IT
Childhood & Youth
Environment & Development
Health & Social Care
Health & Wellbeing
Mathematics & Statistics
Medical Sciences
Nursing & Healthcare Practice
Psychology & Counselling
ScienceSocial Sciences

OU students demonstrate commitment, time management and prioritising skills, all valued by employers.

There are no formal entry requirements to study, the only qualifications that matter are the ones you leave with.

Unsure about study? Free taster courses are there to help you prove you can do it. There are over 800 to choose from.

Many of our modules and qualifications are professionally accredited.

You pay for each module separately
You don’t pay for a whole qualification up front

If your study is work related your employer may be willing to sponsor you by paying some or all of the fees

Fees include OU course materials, tutor support, assessments, and exams

Part-time tuition loans are the most popular method of payment for first time undergraduate students